The Penvelope by Franklin-Christoph

So I’ve been toting around this beauty for quite some time, and I’ve even tried other pen cases. As much as I love the Superior Labor pen roll, the issue there is that the pen slots are not all individual sized, which means that you can fit two or more fountain pens to a pen slot and that can cause scratching on the barrel of the pen.


The penvelope doesn’t have that issue. BUT it still has it’s own issues, like the fact that it’s heavier than a pen roll and takes up much more space than one as well. It’s definitely not a small thing to carry around with you. So you sacrifice space and comfort for more security, and I think that’s essential if you’re carrying around really expensive urushi pens. Not so much if you like less expensive pens.


I carry it around with me, because I’m ok with sacrificing some space in my handbag to have some of my fountain pens with me, and I think six inked fountain pens at one time is a good number. I generally have more than that on me at any given moment regardless, but the ones that I think deserve a little extra attention end up in the penvelope. It’s very sturdy and I know my pens are safely snuggled within.


It did take me a really long time to purchase it though, because I do consider it on the expensive side at $58. However Franklin-Christoph does also offer it’s own 7 slot pen roll, with individual slots for $35, so that is likely where I’ll head next.

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One thought on “The Penvelope by Franklin-Christoph

  1. Thank you for sharing this. I just recently got a The Superior Labor pen roll and was also worried about scratching my pens using it. Your sharing has answered that so I may reconsider what I put in the TSL pen roll. In the past I have been using the Visconti 6-pen zip pen case and it gives me peace of mind for holding more expensive pens. It is also on the pricey side but for me it was worth it for the peace of mind.


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