Review: Carolina Pen Company and the Custom pen

I’ve been following the Carolina Pen Company on instagram for a couple of months, just envying all the beautiful custom pens that Jonathon Brooks makes and sells. So I was very happy to find out he would be showing at the Atlanta Pen Show. I was wishing and hoping and praying that not all the pens would get snatched up on the first Friday of the show. So I made sure that I could show up Saturday morning bright and early with my fingers crossed.


There were only four pens left!

The above pen, was the one that caught my eye first and held my attention. It seemed so unassuming sitting there on the pen stand, and then I lifted it up and the light made it shimmer. Direct sunlight makes a HUGE difference, I can’t even capture the effect with pics. All I can say is that the pen looks like a dark navy blue, and then when the light hits it, it lights up like stars in the night sky and begins to turn purple, almost violet, with those tiny colorful sparkles.


When I asked what the pen was called, I was told that it was the Aiken model and that the color had no name. So I decided it looked like a Dark Nebula, and that’s what I’ve been calling it in my head ever since.

The pen came with a fine nib and De Atramentis Myrrh ink already in an installed converter. I’ve never used De Atramentis ink but the blue that came with it was surprisingly fitting. It wouldn’t have been my first choice, but they go really well together never the less.


The nib itself is very smooth and wet, and it reminds me of a Visconti fine nib, in that it’s a thicker line than the average fine nib makes, but not as thick as the average medium. Does that makes any sense?

In total the length of the pen capped is 5 3/4″.

Happily the pen cap can also post perfectly on the back of the pen when I write. It’s also quite light, and the sound it makes when I uncap it, reminds me of wood, even though it’s not made of wood. It also has a very soft glossy body, that just feels really nice to hold and write with.


As you can see from the above pictures, it looks like a dark navy blue without light. maybe even a little black. Then BOOM, hit it with a bit of light and it starts to shine just like below. The effect is a bit hypnotic.



Whatever it is, its gorgeous! And my next pen from this company is most definitely going to be a Urushi pen, just as soon as I have the funds to make that happen . . . one day.

Thank You For Reading!



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