Franklin-Christoph in Nuclear Green

Franklin Christoph hardly ever sells their prototype pens on the website, so when I saw that they were selling the model 66 and the model 45 in nuclear green, I jumped on the chance to see them for myself and ordered them both. Yes, it’s excessive, but they have a 30 day return policy that I took full advantage of.


Having only ever seen and written with the model 65, I didn’t realize how much larger and thicker the 66 was to the 65. It’s a handful, and I quite enjoy that difference, the size reminds me of the Sailor 1911 Large. But I still wasn’t sure which one of the 66 or the 45 I wanted.


The model 45 is a pocket sized pen. It’s tiny. And normally I love pocket sized pens. I have two pocket 66’s in my collection already, but for some reason, seeing the 45 in nuclear green just didn’t do it for me. I thought I was going to love it more than the 66, but turns out that wasn’t the case at all.


In the end I’m keeping the Model 66 with the fine nib, and I am completely in love. I’ll eventually get a model 45, but it won’t be in nuclear green after all.


Thank You For Reading!


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