Kingdom Note x Sailor – Blue Mino Sea Slug

First of all I’d just like to say that only sailor could pull off a sea creatures/sea slug fountain pen collection. It’s completely original and that’s what I love about sailor. They like thinking out of the box. So does Kingdom Note for that matter. Previously they had the vegetable collection, which was pretty interesting too, and I do own the eggplant fountain pen from that series with a lovely music nib.

This is also the only pocket pen that I’ve seen sailor collaborate on, and I don’t know if they’re going to continue to do mini pens, so I knew I at least had to snag one before they sold out.


I chose the Blue Mino pen, because my favorite color is blue and I loved the blue on white contrast. I was very tempted by the princess/Cindarella sea slug pen, which is a soft pink with white and orange accents. But in the end I had to go with a color I just generally gravitate towards the most.

I purchased it through Buyee which is a proxy website very much like white rabbit express, but with slightly less expensive fees. Shipping was paid separately, and it arrived one week from when I purchased it, which I consider pretty fast. I’ve had nothing but good experiences with purchasing through Buyee. It’s my go to website for Japanese fountain pens.


Now, I understood that the pen was going to be small, what I didn’t really think about was the converter. Because sailor doesn’t make pocket pens regularly, they don’t have a converter that fits into the small barrel of this fountain pen, and I only realized that after I received it. Only cartridge inks fit here, so if you want to use one of your own inks, you need to have a syringe handy. You can either wait until the cartridge is empty (which is what I’m doing) and use a needle to clean the cartridge with water, then add your own ink, or you can suck out all the ink with your needle and get down to business of changing the ink right away. Up to you and your preferences.


I just placed the black cartridge ink that came with the pen in there and started writing with it. I chose the MF nib, because currently I’m using a Hobonichi planner and I like using fine nibs on that paper.

Like all sailor pens I’ve purchased, it works perfectly out of the box and the nib is super smooth. The cap screws onto the back of the barrel which lengthens the pen enough to fit comfortably in my hand as I’m writing, so no issues there. I keep it in a pen loop near my A6 hobonichi techo and they fit together like milk and cookies.

It’s a really beautiful little pen, and I am very happy to have it in my collection.

Thank You For Reading!


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