Montblanc Heritage 1912 Fountain Pen

I don’t think there’s been a more anticipated fountain pen purchase for me in quite some time. I’ve also never come across as many fake versions of a fountain pen, as I have for this one, so buyer beware, because there are a whole lot of copies out there and just as many unscrupulous sellers trying to fleece you.

So please make sure if you purchase this pen, that you buy it from a vetted reseller or you study the pictures of the nib very closely, because the difference between the original and a copy is most pronounce in the nib.


Since Montblanc has discontinued this fountain pen and it can no longer be directly purchased from the brand, I purchased it from a vetted Montblanc reseller on eBay with guaranteed authentication. It came to me new in the box, with all the papers and information. The seal on the box intact. I was also extremely lucky to have purchased it at half it’s original price.

Quote from Sheldon Cooper – The Big Bang Theory

As someone who normally finds Montblanc Fountain pen’s quite boring, I saw this one and my mind was blown. I absolutely LOVE the idea of a retractible nib. I enjoy it with the Lamy Dialog 3 and I love it with this pen. The mechanism to retract the nib is so incredibly smooth. I mean, the quality of Montblanc is beyond reproach, just in general. But this one is really flawless. And despite the fact that the cap doesn’t post, it’s the perfect weight and length in my hand, that it doesn’t bother me in the least.


The original retail price of this pen is awfully expensive, it’s on par with Nakaya fountain pens. But Montblanc is expensive from top to bottom, and they have the quality to back that price up. They’re a known and respected pen brand. I’m sure there are very few people who don’t know about Montblanc, so I know I don’t really have to explain to you how amazing the writing experience is, it’s all been said and done. This is just a really beautiful fountain pen that I thought I’d share with you.


Thank You For Reading!


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