Scribbles That Matter Notebook

The notebook that finally stole my heart away from leuchtturm1917.

With 160gsm paper it handles a fountain pen like a dream, sure there’s still a little bit of shadowing, but no bleed through and no feathering. And the best part is, it’s basically the same price as a Leuchtturm1917, $20.


The pages are numbered, there’s a dedicated ‘Pen Test’ page at the back of the notebook, a lay-flat binding, a pen loop that comes with the notebook already attached, dots that don’t distract, and a great price! what more could I ask for? I think Scribbles That Matter, saw my notebook wishlist and then made it for me.


I’m that person that makes my bujo’s ahead of time, so I’ve already started laying out all my spreads in this notebook for 2020. Come December I’ll be giving birth to a baby girl and I won’t have time to set up my months and weeks as I go, I needed an already made planner for the new year, so I decided to make it possible with Scribbles That Matter, and I’m very happy that I did.


My goal was to find an inexpensive bullet journal that I could also use my fountain pens in, and now I’ve found it. If I’m ever hesitant that a fountain pen nib and ink might bleed, I simply turn to the pen test page at the back of the notebook and test it out. So far I haven’t found one that didn’t pass the test. But I’ve kept my choices pretty tame so far. This notebook is going to be a daily planner for me, it’s not about showcasing fountain pen inks here. If I wanted to do that, I would turn to tomoe river paper regardless, because that’s the paper I prefer to use for that specifically.


The new year is going to be bringing a lot of change my way, so I’m happy to start it with a new notebook too!

Enjoy the pics below.



Thank You For Reading!


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