Sailor Nonble Night Blue

The Easter egg hunt continues with the Sailor Nonble Night Blue Fountain pen.

The list of Sailor Special Edition Pens is long, much longer than I could have ever expected. And you really never know when you’re going to find one. This one was found on Ebay, but you gotta snatch them quick because they’re there one minute and gone the next.


Luckily this was being sold by an enterprising 3rd party vendor. As far as I can tell, this pen was made in partnership with Kinokuniya Books, or the subsidiary NBC, and was only being sold in store. So there were no other online stores to purchase it from that I could find, or came across.


Now, the one issue I have with these pens, is that some of them are longer than others. The Mitaclub Original Fountain pens are longer than say a, Sailor Pent fountain pen. I’ve started to think that the longer pen’s have white ends. If that’s not the case, please correct me because I’d love to know what the deal is. This Night Blue is one of the shorter versions.


The cap and end are a very beautiful clear purple that reminded me so strongly of the Diamine Arabian Nights ink and yea, the two are perfect together. They both sparkle. The barrel is clean, clear white, no sparkle.


This whole thing has my inner detective gleefully occupied as I scour the internet for these multi-colored fountain pens. One of my absolute best sources has come from another blogger called Lepens.

Lepens posts every special edition sailor fountain pen there is, as they’re released. Some really good info to find there. Add google translate to the equation, and you have yourself a real life scavenger hunt!

Thank You For Reading!


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