Platinum Ink: Lavender Black

I first saw this ink swatched at Wonderpens in Toronto and I was much intrigued, but it was sold out at the time so I couldn’t purchase it. Incidentally I forgot about it until I was perusing Amazon and I saw it listed for $25. The price teeters on the edge of where I draw my line for overpriced, which is why I don’t own any Colorverse inks, because I can’t justify spending $30 on an ink until I absolutely fall in love. Sorry Colorverse. I won’t even mention those $50 Montblanc inks because uh, just No.

Luckily for Lavender Black I did fall in love, and that was before I even knew what it did.


I’d say the carton is pretty true to color.

What I didn’t realize, is that once the ink hits the air and dries, it oxidizes and darkens right before your eyes, which is one of the coolest effects ever.


Wet the color is a lot more rosy and bright. But the end result is a red-black color that makes me think of only the darkest red wine.



Keep the ink out of the sun and open the bottle as little as possible, in order to keep that effect fresh, I’ve been told. With how beautiful the ink is, I find it very unlikely that I’ll keep from opening it frequently.



Since the purchase of this ink, I determined that I would own the rest of the inks in this series. They’ve all been added to my wish list.

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