Review: Moomman Mini Wancai

After having bought and loved the Moonman M2, the Moonman mini was a must try. And since I was going on vacation, what better time to test it out?


While capped it really is a tiny pen that fits in the palm of your hand. Although posted it elongates a little bit, it’s still only ever palm sized. But posting it does make it more comfortable to write with, otherwise it’s so tiny that it never rests between your thumb and forefinger like a pen normally would.


As you can see from above, it’s almost half the size of the Moonman M2. It’s also made from the same material, a very thick feeling plastic that is both durable and lightweight and also extremely smooth.

What really stands out about these demonstrators from Moonman, is that the ink doesn’t stain the barrel of the pen AT ALL. And that is most definitely not the case with all demonstrators. Most recently I placed a brown ink in a demonstrator and it stained the barrel pink, which I cannot remove for the life of me. I was so disappointed that I haven’t bothered using the pen since.


At least with the Moonman I know that I can safely use whatever ink I choose and have a clear and clean demonstrator when I go to change the ink.

As for how the Moonman Mini travels, it does leak a little bit in the cap when moved around a whole lot, but otherwise the ink stays reasonably where it’s supposed to.


Happily I chose the medium sized nib and love how it writes. It’s not scratchy at all, and I see no reason to replace it with a Knox nib. Like the Moonman M2 it works right out of the box, with a little tapping to get the initial ink flow, but never again since then.

I did purchase this one on Amazon for around $20 because it offered prime shipping, and you know I can’t ever say no to prime shipping. Otherwise I’m sure you could find it for much less on eBay.


I have happily added this pen to my collection and I’ll keep watching the Moonman brand to see what else they come up with.

Recently I purchased a second Moonman M2 for my sisters birthday. I honestly believe it’s a pen everyone should have in their arsenal.


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2 thoughts on “Review: Moomman Mini Wancai

  1. Pinky shine on the barrel of a demonstrator. I know the feeling. I had KWZ Old gold in my Opus 88 koloro demonstrator for about 2 days. Now the frosty ice look is turned in a fluffy pink. I still use the pen but only with blues and blacks because it was the only pen I had to put the trilogy nib (Regalia Writing Labs) on.

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    1. I decided to put my Trilogy nib on one of the marbled pocket 66 Franklin-Christoph pens, that way I don’t have to worry about ink staining the antique glass pen. Because FC is a demonstrator that stains.

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