Review: Lamy Dialog 3 Piano White

This pen has been on my wishlist for some time and yet I never seriously considered purchasing it until recently. Not because I couldn’t afford to purchase it, and not because I didn’t think it was a beautiful pen, but because when I look at the Lamy Dialog 3, I could either see myself loving it, or hating it. And when I don’t know if I’m going to love a pen, I generally don’t buy it at all.

Yea, I spend money on pens, and yea that might seem frivolous to some people, but I’m spending my money on things I enjoy. Writing and lettering are a passion, different pens just make me enjoy the experience more.


So I hesitated to buy this pen. Because yes, I consider the Lamy Dialog expensive and I thought that the large size of the barrel might make it a clunky, clumsy pen to write with. Which would not further my enjoyment of writing.

So off and on over the last year I’ve looked at it, had it on my wishlist, but never added it to my cart until now.


So why did I suddenly pull the trigger and buy the pen now you say? I don’t know. It wasn’t really spur of the moment, but it wasn’t really planned either. I just saw it listed with a pretty good discount and said, why not!

Is it a clunky pen to write with? Yes. Should I have purchased the piano black version instead? Yes. Do I like the pen? Yes.


What pleasantly surprised me the most is the nib. As a fine nib, I really wasn’t expecting it to be any different from any other fine nib. But that isn’t the case at all. Lamy has created this responsive, flexible, smooth nib that is really wonderful to write with, despite the pens other flaws.

I’ve never written with a fine nib that is as flexible and bouncy as this Lamy nib. Now wether all of that is worth the price is completely up to you.


My main issue with this pen, is that it stains quite easily and once that happens, I don’t think you have any recourse to fix it. My recommendation for this, is keep to the black versions of the pen.

For me what happened is, I placed this pen in a pen case, and the color of the fabric inside the pen case caused a stain to develop on the sides of the pen, so now there is slight discoloration on the barrel that nothing can seem to get rid of. But what can you do? You live and you learn.


Thank You For Reading!




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