Why It All Began With Noodler’s Ink


If you’ve read my first post, then you know I stopped using fountain pens because I grew bored with the same inks and the same pens that were available to me at the time (over a decade ago). There was nothing really interesting for me to sink my teeth into. And it was both due to the early years of the internet with its lack of variety, all of which was then compounded by the dotcom crash. How Amazon ever survived I’ll never know, but thank god it did.

All of that has since changed of course. Online retail stores from around the globe are a day to day now. Not only has the face of the internet changed the way we interact with each other, but the face of INKS has changed the way we use our fountain pens. And that could never have been more true than with me. If it were not for Noodler’s Ink, I would not be here blogging today.


In fact, I stumbled on Noodler’s Apache Sunset while browsing Amazon around the same time I found the Twsbi Eco pen. I took one look at the Noodler’s ink website and I fell in love!

Apache Sunset

Dragon’s Napalm! Heart of Darkness! Cactus Fruit! Bad Black Moccasin! Operation Overlord Orange! I mean COME ON! Are those not the coolest names ever?! With ink names like that, how could I possibly not purchase one, then two, than three? I couldn’t resist, and I really didn’t try very hard.

The first ink I purchased was Antietam, a beautiful rich red-brown that changes drastically depending on the pen. With fine nibs it looks more red, and with broad nibs it looks more brown. It especially looks like dried blood when using a brush pen, so all good things. Like many inks the color varies depending on the saturation and ink flow. I think that can be said for most inks though.


From there, I quickly added Apache sunset and Cactus Fruit Eel to my collection. And I really haven’t stopped adding to it since then. The starting price point is what I would consider low for an ink at $12.50 per 3 oz bottle and the variety is basically whatever your mind can fathom, with ink names that don’t get any better.  What more could a fountain pen enthusiast want?

Maybe Rachmaninoff…definitely the Rachmaninoff ink. Those highlighter inks look like a good time 😉. And they GLOW!

Noodler’s has made inks fun again.

Thank you for reading!


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