Peyton Street Pens And They’re Prototype Pen

Peyton Street Pens is a small California based pen store that I came across while purchasing another pen. Then I started following them on Instagram and that was where I saw them showcase their prototype pens. When I saw that color blue, I had to have it.


It’s a very light blue demonstrator, that looks like smoked glass. When I received it I was actually surprised at how large it was. I don’t know why I was surprised, it did say oversized in the description. The circumference of the pen is quite wide, the barrel is very smooth and it’s one of the heavier pens I now own. But it really is pretty to look at. Also note that the cap does not post. But considering how long and wide it is, it doesn’t really need to post. I think if it did it might be a bit uncomfortable to write with.




The cost of the pen was $120 with a clip and less without. I’ve always felt that clips kind of ruin the aesthetic of a pen, so when the option presents itself, I usually choose a pen without one. Just a personal preference, one that has it’s cons because pens roll off desks more often light that.


I really love the color and the material of the pen, that color blue is just my bread and butter. It’s made of Alumilite and accompanied by a Jowo #6 nib. If this isn’t your first choice of pen, they have a slew of other options, some that post even, in really pretty colors. I lean towards their demonstrators because of the smokey effect they have going for them.


I’m going to be keeping an eye on this brand because I really like what I see so far.

Thank You For Reading!


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