Frankling-Christoph: Model 03 Antique Glass

I know that Franklin-Christoph doesn’t call it’s Antique Glass pens Special Editions, but I would almost consider them so, because apparently only 50 of them get made each month and it’s never the same model pen from one month to the next. They rotate which model pen becomes an antique glass version.

Frankly with how quickly these pens get scooped up, yea I would consider them special editions.


If you aren’t aware, Franklin-Christoph doesn’t sell these pens in their Fountain Pen HQ and the only way to know when one of these pens is available for purchase, is to sign up for their client list. They send out emails to make you aware that a waiting list is being put up on the website and sometimes it will include a time (2pm/3pm) etc. for when the waiting list opens up for you to enter yourself into.

Only 50 names and emails get through, so be quick, because the waiting list fills up VERY QUICKLY. I’m talking within minutes.


Once you’re on the list (if you get on it) it’s a 30 day waiting period before they email you a link in which you can legitimately purchase the pen with your choice of nib. It’s all very clandestine and James Bondish.

If you don’t manage to score one, and you really really really want one, DON’T DESPAIR! They more than likely will have these antique glass pens at pen shows, be the first one to the booth and you’ll find one there.

This is also the case with the Italian Ice edition pens. Waiting list and pen shows, that’s where they’re found.


I completely understand the appeal. The antique glass version is just so pretty! And it takes a hell of a picture too. I know that the pen is even more lovely while being used as an eyedropper pen, but in my experience, the ink stains the pen and I don’t want that to happen with this one, so I’ll keep using the ink converter for the foreseeable future.

Thank You For Reading!


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