Review: Pelikan M205 Aquamarine Fountain Pen

The Pelikan M205 in aquamarine is one pretty pen. And I do love a good demonstrator.


Slightly transparent when placed in light, it’s a much deeper blue than what I would consider traditional aquamarine. So if you’re looking for a demonstrator that really showcases the ink, that isn’t this pen. The barrel is pretty opaque under normal circumstances.


This time, in order to keep things fresh I decided to go with an Italic nib, and I am very happy that I did! Pelikan just has these really smooth gliding nibs and this one was no different.


The M205 is slightly smaller than the 605. After all, the larger the number, the larger the pen and nib. Larger than these would be the M800 and the M1000. This 205 still has that perfect comfortable grip for holding the pen. And even though the pen is light, it still has a weight to it that makes it feel like you’re holding something. Not flimsy at all.


It’s also cheaper than the 605. You’re looking at not much more than $150, and you could probably find a better deal if you scoured the internet. It’s not a bad pen to purchase if you want to try a Pelikan pen for yourself, but don’t really want to break the bank doing it. Although that does depend on what your definition of ‘breaking the bank’ means, everyones is a little different.


I just really love the way this italic nib performs, and someone who knows how to write italic letters or Gothic calligraphy would knock it out of the park with this pen for sure. I am not that person, I love keeping it cursive style, or as near to that as I can. But it just perform so well that I feel like anything written ends up looking good.


I chose to ink this one with Organic’s Studio Walden Pond, just because, and I actually really love the combination. The ink flow is pretty wet and I think really showcases what the pen can do.


This nib and I’m sure every other nib manufactured by Pelikan is a quality above the rest, they just are.

My two Pelikan pens have become staples in my day to day, they just don’t take a back seat to my other pens very often and I don’t foresee that changing any time soon.

Thank You For Reading!


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