Review: Moonman M2

The Moonman M2 is a very affordable eyedropper pen from China. It’s made from a thick clear durable plastic that feels substantial but not at all heavy. As you can see it comes nicely packed in a pen case, with an eyedropper included.


I haven’t been using eyedropper fountain pens for very long, and my first real eyedropper pen was the Franklin-Christoph model 65. From there I’ve purchased a few more since then.

But the Moonman has quickly become my favorite eyedropper pen to date. And it’s for a very simple reason. It doesn’t leak.


Eyedropper pens are great in theory I’ve found. They look amazing when filled with ink, but otherwise seem like a lot of work to me. You have to use a thick silicone grease type solution and place it around the the threads where the pen connects as well as on the threads at the bottom of the nib section. It’s a waterproof goop that’s supposed to seal the pen joints and stop ink leaks. Petroleum jelly is not recommended, so I’ve been told.

Now I’ve tried my eyedropper pens both with and without this silicon grease. In one case I even had it done for me at the Franklin-Christoph pen booth. And the fact of the matter is that the silicon grease does stop the majority of ink leaking, for sure. But not ALL.

Meanwhile, I did absolutely NOTHING to the Moonman M2 other than take it out of the case and fill it, and there has been NO leaking at all, anywhere, ever. And it certainly doesn’t come with any silicon grease either in the case or already applied.


I’ve carted this pen around everywhere with me in my handbag for the last week or so, and the ink hasn’t even started to infiltrate the threads where the body connects. The ink has stayed sealed where it’s supposed to be with no amount of shaking or upside-down use at all!

For a $15 pen from China I am DELIGHTED! And yes I purchased mine on Ebay for cheaper than the one sold on Amazon.


I chose the Fine nib. I would have wanted one with a medium or broad but they didn’t offer them. The only nibs they had were Fine and Extra Fine.

As you can see the nib is ok. It’s nothing special, it does the job and it’s a tiny itty bitty bit scratchy, but otherwise it works just fine. No false starts. I didn’t have to sit there and tap the pen forever to get it to start writing after I’d filled it. And it always works when I come back to it after a short pause. I’ve also noticed that I can keep it uncapped for longer than my other pens without the ink drying out on the nib. But when I say longer I’m talking in seconds, not minutes.


Someone on instagram mentioned that you can replace the nib with a Knox OBB and it works like magic. Which is probably what I’ll do. So thanks for that @Jasonarment.

In terms of user-friendliness this Moonman is hands down that best eyedropper pen I’ve ever had the pleasure of using. No extra work necessary, just take it out of the box, fill it with ink and get to writing!


So in conclusion, (I remember having to say that at the beginning of all my last paragraphs in high school  lol) the Moonman M2 is extremely affordable, showcases ink BEAUTIFULLY, and requires no work whatsoever to get started.

I love it.

I did take a chance by purchasing mine on Ebay, I feel like you have a 50/50 shot on eBay. So if you want to make sure you get the right one, purchasing through Amazon is probably your best bet. In that case you’ll probably spend around $21.

I would consider this the number one eyedropper fountain pen to buy as a starter pen. And 2nd overall to the Twsbi Eco.

Thank You For Reading!


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