Leuchttrum1917 Special Edition Red Dots Notebook

So with the new year comes a new Bullet Journal, for those of us who Bujo. My 2018 Bujo was the original Leuchtturm and since I’m such a fan I wanted to try the next notebook up by the same brand. Turns out for once I didn’t have to buy a notebook online at Amazon, I found this Special Edition Red Dots notebook at Barnes and Nobles while I was on vacation and snatched it up. At $25.50, it is more expensive than the regular Leuchtturm notebook.


It still has 80 gsm paper, but somehow the paper is noticeably softer to the touch. I also feel as if this paper somehow works better with fountain pens. I don’t know if that’s just my wishful thinking or not though.

It has 251 numbered pages, versus the normal hardcover which has 249 pages, the difference is negligible. The red dots however are much more distinctive, than the gray dots.


It’s all about what you prefer, if you’re very partial to the gray dots and don’t want to be distracted by them, then this notebook might not be for you. I like both, but maybe not the $25 price. Do I need this notebook? No. Will I purchase it again after I finish this one? Probably.

I have nothing but good things to say about Leuchtturm, and that hasn’t changed with the red dots. There is minimal bleed through and some shadowing. Nothing I haven’t seen before. And I’m sure, nothing I won’t see in the future.


Frankly, what really drew my eye, is that the edges of the paper are dyed to match the red dots. It’s a blue notebook with red edges and I find that very cool. The contrast is eye-catching and I’m hoping they decide to come out with more colors in the future.

The future of dot grid in multicolor would fit right in with my wishlist.


Thank You For Reading!



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