Sailor Pen Point Blue Hawaii

I’ve been on a major Sailor kick lately.

I’ve written with a large selection of pens, and there are always two brands that really stand out to me. One of which is Sailor. When I found out that Sailor did these special edition collaborations with other brands, my mind was immediately blown. And I cried real tears when I found out they aren’t ever sold in the United States.


So I went on a mission to find a website that had these crazy special edition sailor pens, that would also sell and ship to the U.S. Not easy.

I did find a website, what I didn’t find was an inexpensive way to buy it. I was prepared for the shipping to cost around $20, what I wasn’t expecting was the transaction fee’s to be so high.


Let me just say, that if you can find a way not to use White Rabbit Express, do so. Because it will likely be cheaper if you do. Any way to purchase directly from the seller, would be my advice.


Otherwise, I adore this pen. It’s just as beautiful in person as it appears to be on the website. I chose a medium nib, mostly because it was the only one available. But like with Sailor pens in general, the line is finer than what I would normally consider as something coming from a medium nib.


It’s glittery and sparkly and colorful. Everything I could want in my fountain pen.


Thank You For Reading!


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