Review: Twsbi GO!

The Twsbi Eco was my very first demonstrator pen. The idea that a pen can change color with new ink, warms my fickle heart. So Twsbi is a pen brand that I like to keep up with.

I saw the Twsbi Go launch on their instagram page and I thought it looked cute, fun, and interesting, and for the very affordable price it had listed, I was like, why not?


I think the idea behind the Twsbi Go, was a fountain pen that was cheap, quick to fill, and easy to have and take with you anywhere. Basically something that wouldn’t be devastating if you lost in transit, wouldn’t spill, and would be easy to fill while you’re “on the Go!”.

It is all those things.


Simply unscrew the barrel to reveal the spring loaded piston filler, which is a plunger. Place the nib completely in some ink and push down on the plunger. Voila! Your pen is filled with ink.


No muss, no fuss.


Frankly, I think this is the perfect starter fountain pen for kids. It’s $19, which is quite inexpensive, made of what feels like a very durable plastic that you could probably drop a thousand times with no lasting damage, and it’s just about the easiest pen to fill that I’ve ever used. You’ve very unlikely to spill ink, or have an inkcident with it. (yeah, I said inkcident lol).


Had this pen been around when I was ten, I’d have used it all the time. But then again, I really don’t know what ten year olds find interesting today other than cell phones and social media stuff. None of that was around when I was ten so lets be real, I had to make do with fountain pens, a giant Game Gear that I only had one game for (the lion king) and outdoor stuff. My choices were limited.


It really is a cute, fun pen, and I immediately thought of my niece when I received it. She just turned two, so I’ll have to wait a few years before I buy her on of these šŸ˜‰.

Thank You For Reading!





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