The Paper Saver Notebook

I didn’t really know what I was getting with the Paper Saver Notebook. I mean I understood that you placed your own scrap paper inside of it, and I thought that sounded like a very good idea so I knew I wanted to try one.

As you can see, the notebook is very plain and simple. It’s double sided faux leather, with a thin metal bar at the center of the notebook where the paper folds. This is all held together with a very efficient and tight fitting elastic band. The faux leather is soft to the touch, and it doesn’t feel cheap to my fingertips.


They have more colors for those people living outside of the US and Canada. Otherwise it’s a plain black notebook at $25 plus shipping from Australia.

My one concern was that I felt like the metal bar at the center of the notebook was flimsy, I was honestly expecting it to pop out at any moment. But it didn’t and it still hasn’t, and I have not been very easy on this notebook. I have stuffed it to the gills with paper and it seems to keep it all just fine. I wouldn’t go out of my way to pull on it though.


I didn’t really have scrap paper, because I don’t own a printer. What I did have was a pad of calligraphy practice paper. So I tore the pages off the pad, and fit them into the Paper Saver. I also used a paper cutter to size the pages in the notebook so they fit perfectly, and voila, I have a notebook of practice paper. (I don’t think that was what they wanted when they created this notebook, so lets keep that to ourselves).


To me the Paper Saver feels like a notebook, created for a very specific person, who is looking to use scrap printer paper, and regular ballpoint pens. Which is not the type of person I am lol. But I still love the idea, and enjoy the concept.

If you aren’t addicted to writing with fountain pens, and want to save some trees here or there, you should consider this notebook. It does the job and keeps you bullet journaling in an eco friendly way.

Thank You For Reading!





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