Review: Hippo Noto Notebook

The notebook that everyone seems to be waiting for. The Hippo Noto by Squishy-ink.


I can’t remember where I first ran across this notebook (probably instagram, like everything else). But after hearing it was filled with 500 sheets of Tomoe River paper, I ordered one. Because wow, 500 sheets is a whole lot of paper. You could stack two leuchtturm notebooks on top of each other to bring it to the same thickness of paper.



They were mostly sold out when I was browsing the website, so I ordered the basic black cover with dot grid paper.

Initially I thought this was going to be the really thin, soft, 58 gsm Tomoe River paper. But it turns out that it’s the thicker 68 gsm paper. So that was kind of a disappointment, but not enough that I don’t love the notebook. Because I do. Love it. If anything the 68 gsm paper makes it perfect for Bullet Journaling.


Let me also add that this notebook, not only showcases inks very well, as is usual for Tomoe River paper, but it travels really well too.

I went on vacation recently and took this notebook with me, squishing it into a very packed backpack, and the cover held up really well. Since the corners are rounded the edges didn’t rub up against anything, so it still looked good as new after much time getting knocked around.


Since the paper is thicker, it has minor shadowing with fine, medium and large nibs. I was using my Moonman M2 with the double broad nib on it, and could barely see the writing on the back of the paper, as you can see below.


You would really have to lay the ink on thick to get bleed, like say doing ink drops, or using a trilogy nib.

The main issue with the notebook, isn’t the notebook itself. Sure it’s on the pricey side at $40 plus shipping, but you do receive a pen loop and a writing mat with your purchase.


The main issue is waiting for the notebook to ship. It’s MONTHS, like the longest I’ve ever had to wait for a notebook, ever in my life. I ordered it in early March, and received it in the middle of June. So . . . it’s up to you if you want to wait that long.

It’s a great notebook, but I can understand the frustration of waiting!

Thank You For Reading!



One thought on “Review: Hippo Noto Notebook

  1. YEs, the waiting is long. I ordered mine on February 12th and it has been shipped last week. I’m hoping it will arrive one of coming days. So it took a little more than 5 months. Now I can only hope it’s a great notebook to use

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