How To Find Your Own Sailor Pent Special Edition Pen

So, I saw these glittery Sailor pens floating around the internet and instagram . . . mostly instagram, and it took me a little while to figure out where I could purchase one, because it isn’t a very obvious answer.


They are specifically called “Sailor Pent” or “Pent Sailor”, and other than on ebay (which I think jacks the price up) the only place I could find to purchase this pen was on Rakuten Global Market. Which is a Japanese online retail store. I basically just typed Sailor Pent into the search bar on the website and it pulled up a selection of special edition pens they have available.

I also want to mention that if you search they’re selection of fountain pens on the website, they have some really nice ones available, so take a moment to look around on it because you’ll find some cool stuff.


I immediately went for the glittery mint, which is called Saijiki Aomidori and it was a very close call between the music nib or the broad nib. Ultimately I went with the broad, but only because I knew I would purchase another pen from this website sometime in the future. So no biggy.


In my personal opinion, I don’t really consider the broad nib very broad. I consider it more of a medium. I think the zoom nib is more along the lines of the broad I was looking for, so that’s something to consider.

Also keep in mind that the exchange rate fluctuates so the price you see today, might not be the price you see tomorrow. And if you select PayPal (which I did) you don’t pay until they email you a PayPal link, thats also when they let you know what the shipping costs will be. The emails are also majority in Japanese so .  .  . but at least they kind of point you in the right direction.




It’s a fun pen!

That’s really all I can say, it’s just fun to look at and fun to write with. The price runs to around $200 when all is said and done. I kinda wish it was the size of the 1911 large but it isn’t. It’s small, and light, and cute as a button. And since the nib size runs small, you can really kinda use this pen on all types of paper without too many issues. If you really don’t want to see any feathering on regular paper, go for a fine or extra fine nib, those are tiny.

Personally I would consider this pen a fantastic Christmas or Birthday present for someone into fountain pens.

Let me know what you think of it.

Thank You For Reading!


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