Organic’s Studio Walden Pond ink

Organic’s Studio is a relatively new brand to me and maybe to the world, as its only been around since 2012. But it has made a rather large impression on me. It’s become one of the brands I look at first. And I’m kinda bummed it doesn’t sell on more retail websites.

Introducing Walden Pond. A mint green with a red sheen (it rhymed!).


Waldon Pond is another one of they’re inks that does that amazing transformation into red. But it does it a bit more extremely than Nitrogen Blue I think. Let me show you.


The red invariable takes over, and not just while sampling, but while writing as well. The mint color takes on the less dominant role here. So don’t expect it to be more mint than red because that ain’t happening. If anything it’ll probably be a (red) 60/40 (mint) split.


But beyond just the red sheen, I’ve noticed that these inks are wetter and smoother to write with than my other inks. Most of my other inks are noodler’s inks, to be fair.

I never really understood what people meant when they said it was a “Dry ink” because how can an ink be dry, if it’s a liquid? But I totally get it now. And because of that particular characteristic, Noodler’s inks dry faster. You can write with a Noodler’s ink and than immediately forget about it and not stain the side of your hand when you do forget, and smudge what you’ve already written. (Unless of course your writing with a really broad nibbed pen than yea it’ll smudge if you forget)


Not so with Organic’s Studio, you gotta give it a second to dry.

It’s really your preference which characteristic you like better. I think that both have they’re place. For writing letters or work notes, you would probably want to use an ink that dries a little bit quicker, because fancy script goes out the door for chicken scratch. At least that’s how I see it.

I have gladly added Walden pond to my collection and have plans to add more from the Elements Series in the future.

Thank You For Reading!


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