Sailor Pens And Why I Keep Wanting More

Like with most things, when I find something I love, I just keep coming back to it for more, and that’s what’s happened with Sailor pens.


They seem to check all the boxes I need in a pen. They’re sleek, well made, light, and the brand has a large selection of nibs that doesn’t only contain Fine, Medium, and Broad.



They also have a significant price range, that goes from, cheap, to somewhat affordable to a deposit on a car (cough cough…King of Pens). So they have a little something for everyone.


They’re color scheme goes beyond black, blue and white. Sometimes, it even has glitter in it too. I mean don’t get me wrong, I enjoy a sleek black pen, just not many of them. At some point I need a rainbow.


In the past couple months, I went from zero sailor pens to five. They just have this quality about them that keeps me coming back. And I’m of the opinion that it’s not something that’s going to change any time soon. I think my family of sailor’s is just going to keep on growing, as my collections grows.

Is there a fountain pen brand you find yourself gravitating to more than others? If so, let me know which it is.

Thank You For Reading!





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