Organics Studio Nitrogen Blue Ink

As I’ve said many times, blue ink isn’t really for me, even though blue is my favorite color. I just feel as if blue and black ink have oversaturated pen stores. I mean how many different shades of blue and black can you really have? After a while they just all start to look the exact same, if they didn’t already.


Organics Studio seems to have found a way to take an everyday royal blue ink and turn it into something much, much, much, more.


After testing a sample of Organics Studio Nitrogen Blue some weeks back, I instantly fell in love with it.

Sure Nitrogen Blue, goes on like any other royal blue ink. And yes, it’s a very deep vibrant blue, BUT once it dries, it forms an almost metallic red sheen that really makes every letter pop.


Many might say that the red is a bit overpowering, but I say NOT AT ALL. Look at those beautiful metallic red ink drops below. True, you can barely see any blue in them at all. But hell, that’s what makes it so cool!


It’s almost like they made this ink just for me, and writing with it is a dream. You still see that deep vibrant royal blue turning into red with each stroke of your pen. And this is most definitely a broad nib kind of ink. If you really want the full effect of the sheen, the more ink used the better.


If you’re looking for a true to life blue ink, than this isn’t it. But if you’re looking to have fun with your ink and to wow the next person you handwrite a letter to, this is for you.

This is one blue ink, I was happy to add to my growing collection.

Thank You For Reading!


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