Baron Fig and The Underrated Interactive Unfinish Confidant Notebook

So I was searching google for the list of top rated notebooks, because I’m always on the lookout for another notebook and it really has nothing to do with my needing one, but rather, loving the feel and smell of a new journal. In many of the lists that turned up was, The Confidant by Baron Fig. At first impression, I’ll be honest I didn’t see anything special.

When you go to the brand website, the first Confidant you see is a gray fabric hardcover that lays flat when open and that you can purchase in multiple sizes for what I consider an inexpensive cost at $18. But it didn’t really pop out at me as something I wanted or needed, mostly because I dislike notebooks with a fabric cover, I’ve always associated an accumulation of dust, dirt and stains with fabric covers. Somehow the fabric always turns another color at the edges, mostly based on the leather stain of the bag you put it in, and I hate that.

No, it wasn’t until I started browsing the rest of the website that I was really blown away.


The limited edition notebooks, are where it’s at! Those are the ones you need to keep your eye on, because many of them sell out quickly. The first special edition notebook I noticed was the ASKEW, with its unruly pages and bold royal blue cover that immediately catches the eye. I didn’t even care about the fabric cover at that point. Unfortunately it was sold out and I don’t think Baron Fig plans to reissue it. Which is very sad because if they did, I’d be there buying one.

I ended up subscribing to Baron Fig without purchasing anything right away.

Then came the Unfinish Confidant and I was immediately drawn (pun intended), not only to the packaging (light blue with an astronaut on it), but the entire concept. How ORIGINAL! A notebook with unfinished drawings that you have to finish yourself. I thought, WOW artists are going to love this notebook! So I bought two, and I gave one to my artist sister for Christmas. She’s a painter, turned jewelry designer and I thought who could be better suited for this unconventional notebook than her.


The thing is, I don’t see many artists with this notebook. And I certainly never see anyone post instagrams of it. Turns out that this is the most UNDERRATED journal ever. It doesn’t get nearly enough publicity as I thought it would or should, and yet it’s so beautifully done and thoughtful and completely unique.


The journal itself, again, has a fabric cover in light blue with “Have Fun” embossed near the bottom right corner. The paper is thick, thick enough to layer ink with very little bleed through. It has smooth paper but not the softest kind and the color is more of an eggshell than white. If you chose to use this notebook conventionally, you would have no worries using whatever pen and ink you wanted. Fountain pens are welcome.

Again, I am no artist, so my attempts at doodling are rudimentary and lackluster. I spend a good five minutes just paging through the journal while trying to find an unfinished drawing to finish. It’s a challenge! You really have to look at some of these drawings and think outside of the box, which I guess is not everyones cup of tea. But once I’ve picked one and decided on a theme I always feel so accomplished when I’m done.

Maybe this notebook is before its time. Personally I think the entire notebook is a piece of art wether unfinished or not and definitely worth a second look.




Thank you for reading!

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